Batching rendering multiple switcher results using python


Hi all

Im trying to find the best way of being able to 1 click render multiple versions of my animation. From what i have found so far the switcher node seems like the obvious choice. However I would like to automate rendering out each option.

My thinking for a route for this was using a pre render python script in my write node to create a list from the switch node, set the switch to " 0 " and start the render, then in the post script slot add some python that would restart the render process but with the witch set to 1, then again to 2, 3 etc, you get the idea and to stop when it got to the end of the switcher list.

Does this sound like the most obvious route to achieve the goal? I have a bit of experience in max script and have been looking into python and it looks like a great tool. However because I am learning python for a particular goal, I just want to run this idea through a few other people to see what their thought are on how I am actually going to achieve this.

Longer term I would want to improve the GUI for the switcher node being able to name each switch, tick box which you want to render, and even have multiple switchers in the comp controlled by a master switcher GUI. Then for the write node to include info of the switch node into the file name. Obviously these are all extra but I want to know my base idea for this will all work is solid.

Thanks for reading and obviously any help, input advice will be much appreciated. :beer:

Cheers all



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