Batch Rendering with multiple Cameras and control North Direction and Time of Daylight System



Is there a possibility to do a batch rendering where i can choose a camera and the daylight system automatically adjust the time and the north direction?

I tried to set the north direction in scene states but it doesn’t support saving the north direction. I guess the north direction counts as the rotation of the compass. And scene states doesn’t support object transforms. Thats very pity because 3ds max’s Batch Render supports scene states.

Does anybody know a good solution for it?

I just don’t want to select a camera adjust time and north direction then render…wait. and Repeat it n-times for n-cameras.

thanks for support


It should support layers though, off/on.

Create different daylight systems in different layers, have them switch on/off for each view so that each camera has a different associated lighting layer.

00 - Cam_01
00 - Cam_01_Lighting_North
02 - Cam_02
02 - Cam_02_Lighting_South


Just remember to turn off ‘render hidden lights’ in the render settings for whatever render engine you are using


Thanks Northerndoubt,
That’s a good idea. I’ve also thought about it. The only thing is that vraysky is connected to only 1 Sun. Perhaps we have to save in the state to which sun vrays sky is connected?.

Currently my solution is to create a plane light as a dummy and link the Compass of the daylight system to it. And rotate the plane light to change the north direction. But its a stupid work around. :slight_smile:
why does scene state only suppport light transforms and not object transforms…


Another option is animate the sun to keep your sky connected. Tell batch render to use that frame for that camera. Eg.
Cam01 - frame 1
Cam02 - frame 2


That’s it! Thank you :slight_smile:


Excellent glad to help