Batch rendering script/help


I’m relatively new to Maya and need a bit of help/recommendation for batch renderer. Basically I have animated 3d models which I need to render out from 16 different angles to make sprites for a game. I need to render all the frames from angle 1, move the camera 22.5 degrees and render again until I have gone 360 degress around the model. Or have 16 cameras set up and each renders out the whole animation. I also need it to split shadows and alpha channels if possible.

I used to work in Max and this had a plugin which did this all automatically issuing file names and setting formats. Is there something similar or that will automate at least part of the process.

Many thanks for any advice.


I guess the easiest way is to rotate the camera keyframe driven. 17 frames. first frame at 0° and the last at 360°.

Then select the defaultRenderLayer node and select under Render Pass Options the required layers.


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