Batch Render with MR gives black frames


I am trying to batch render a pretty simple 200 frame animation in mental ray. The “render view” renders are fine. But when I batch, all the frames are black. I notice that when I batch the frames seem to render too quickly. I am using hdr lighting with final gather on. Has anyone run into this problem?



I’ve found maya to do this in the past and its usually down to it not having the ‘renderable’ button checked in the cameras attributes. You may have told the MR render globals which camera to use but the camera itself hasn’t got ‘renderable’ switched on so maya being the clever thing that it is decides “ok I’ll fire out 200frames of black for you” …cheers :confused:

give it a quick check. If it is set to renderable - try creating a new camera and put it in the same place then see if it renders with that?

sorry i cant help more - this switching the ‘renderable’ button to OFF is a weird bug I’ve found with maya so thinking it may be your problem?



sweet thanks dude


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