Batch Material convert / change


Hi, is it possible to write a script to do a batch material to replace the diffuse map from a composite layer to only a bitmap linking to its texture? I need to do this across multiple individual model files.


of course , you can get the map from composite , then set it to diffuse , save and open next file
mxs provide all api for this


where is the documentation on how I could do this?


if you are new with mxs , may difficult to do
you can find from help web by click help menu
you may to search keyword , material / CompositeTextureMap / save , and you need for loop knowledge


Thanks AEI . Ya… I am new to scripting. How is the syntax look like to get max to get file from other folders? Trying to learn as I try also. Just wanted to try something simple.


search ‘External File Methods’
it’s file and folder methods