Batch Insert Children - add same Child to multiple Objects


let’s say i have a Null with 5000 Children.

now i want to use Deformers on these Children.
All these Deformers share the same settings, but I need to be able to control every single Deformer separately.
So i need to child a copy of my Deformers to every single Child.

That’s a hell of a task.

Is there a way to do this fast ?
like multi-inserting Children to a series of Objects ?

maybe there’s just some basic functionality that i’m not aware of ?
maybe someone has a cup of COFFEE at hand to do this ?



Of course there is. :slight_smile:
Do you have any coding skills ?

If not I’ll write a code for you, thats no problem.
R12 with Python or do you need a coffee skript ?

cheers, nux


i know probably just a few lines will do the job
but my coding skills = very basic.
it would take me way too long to make it work.

python or coffee both fine.
preferably coffee, might be easier for me to tweak.




select all your 5000000000 children.
hold shift + alt.
choose your deformer.


Doesn’t work with me ?
I tried shift + alt, ctrl + alt, shift + ctrl, shift, alt, ctrl and so on … ^^

Did it in Python now since Coffee doesn’t support InExcludeData.
Take a look in it:
Download Script

You need to place the Deformer before your other objects.

Cheers, nux

//Ah, do you need the deformers have their parents position and rotation ?


mmm mark,
sounds like the kind of reply i was hoping for but i can’t seem to do this with any key combination either.

your script works just fine. :beer:
seems like exactly what i was looking for.

now i need to make it work with this setup i’m using it in.
thanks for your help,

have a schnitzel on me

//Ah, do you need the deformers have their parents position and rotation ?
they already get zeroed out relatively to their respective parents so that puts them where they need to be just fine.



yeah guys i just saw that it won´t work with multiple objects, you´re right.
i thought i remembered doin this some time ago but i think i was wrong.
glad you have the script now.


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