Batch imf_copy OS X / .map sequence


I am trying to convert an image sequence to MR’s .map format, and before I ask how to do it, can anyone tell me whethere or not this is a good idea? I haven’t seen anything around on the boards about .map image sequences, so i’m a little curious.

Aside from that, how would I go about converting an image sequence to .map without typing every frame number into the command line? I’m running OS X, so I’m trying to figure out how to create a mini app or something so that I can drag a whole group of images onto it and have them all convert. Or another method, maybe telling imf_copy to convert the contents of a folder to .map.



I found the answer if anyone else wants to know. I thinks its pretty useful myself. Anyway, make a plain text file that reads like:

for each in ls ;
fname=($(echo $each | cut -d. -f1 ))
/Applications/Alias/maya6.5/ -p -v $each ${fname}.map

Then chmod 777 that text file, put it in the directory with your images, and execute it from Terminal. I didn’t write it so i’m not totally sure how it works, though i get most of it, but it does work for me and i definitely like it!


yes it’s interrset me, thx:)


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