Bat Wings Topology


Ok, first off this is kind of embarrassing to post, but I’m still learning how to do decent topology for organics and this has got me stuck.

Ignore all the edges etc in this screenshot… I deleted all the ones that I had in the middle of the wings because it was turning into quite a maze and its all gonna have to be redone anyways. Basically the screenshot is just meant to show a BASIC idea to the shape I want to achieve.

What is the best route to poly model this set of wings? What would you do at this point? I think my biggest problem is that the two fingers down the middle are causing me to end up with tri’s all over the place and when I try to maneuver them into quads then it really screws things up into a mazy mess : (

Advise? Maybe a basic paint-over of what the first basic pass of topology should look like?



I would suggest that you rebuild the topology at the root of the fingers so that you can extrude the fingers from square faces that have a smaller square face between them. This will give you quads in the problem area and make it easier to add detail where you need it.

If you are working with triangular shapes, remember that a quad can be made to look almost like a triangle but still remain a quad. Take a head model where only quads and edge loops are used and have a look at the corner of the mouth.



I would think you would need many edge loops in the membrane part of the wing to get a good deformation with polys. I think I would do bat wings in nurbs because when you animate them nurbs would give a nice smooth deformation in the wing membrane.
Also I think that if you terminated the edges at the end of the “fingers” in tri’s it would give you a nice talon anyways. Since the fingers do end in hook-like talons.
The wings are gonna have joints in the fingers so that they can fold and collapse.And the last finger should point more upward, or straight relative to the arm, and the arm will have a bend to it also.


Check out the UV-Layout picture for a wireframe on this link:

Maybe it helps you make some choices.



thanks guys! I haven’t been able to try these ideas out yet but I will ASAP and let you know how it worked out : )

Thanks alot for taking the time to help me :cool:


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