basketball ball into the net


I am trying to make an animation of basketball going into a hoop. I made a softbodies with spring for the net. But when I drop the ball down, even it effects the net it does go through the net. How do I make it so it isonly stretches the net but doesn’t intersect it.
Thank you!


have U made the net a collision object for the ball?


yes I did. Also I noticed that even though I selected the top row of particles and assign 1 to them in ppgoal, they still move down. How do I lock the top so it doesn’t move at all.
I found some flag tutorials but they never mention anything. They do say to assign 1 to the not moving particles and 0 to the moving part. But in my case the “fixed” particles are still moving


Do U tried to make a Duplicated makeCopySoft with a goalweigth from 0.5,
so that the soft body will return to the original shape after hitting by the Ball?

i tried it yesterday with a simple lofted surface for the net throwing a ball-with conected gravitiy-thru it and it works fine.

can U show a picture of your setup and how detailed your net is?

u can also connect your top row springs to the CV`s of a ring above the net…



I did figure it out! But i still have a problem with intersections. DO yo know how can I make so the ball doesn’t go through the net geometry? I tried tesselation resolution but still some parts are intersecting.


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