Basics of UV mapping - how to merge 2 or more UV maps



  In this little video tutorial I am showing basics of UV mapping - how to merge 2 or more UV maps into single one:

One person on NewTek Forum had trouble with vmap tools therefore I made him this video to show how to do it and now want to share with you too.

  Best Regards!


Hey, it’s a basic thing you need, but imo one of unfortunatly unintuitive things about LW. If at least a list would pop up a new user might clue in to what is going on. I know I didn’t realize I had to type in the exact name of the map I wanted to copy into.

If you have a lot of maps it gets kind of stoopid. But that’s where I probably am missing some other window in LW that would make this more intuitive. :smiley:


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