Basic Nood question : How to transform Vertices fast


Hello Modo Experts,

Ok my question might make you think that I am coming from some cave, but this is really making me go crazy at the moment. I am coming from maya / modelling background. Very simple question without wasting further time and telling you my boring story.

When I select vertices in modo I need to press T every time to move it. This waste time and not very friendly and I have deselect them as well by pressing space bar and selecting the other one and so on.

while in maya when I am using transform tool the tool is enable and as soon as I select the vertices I can move them straight away. I just need to select the vertices and thats all as long as my tranform tool is enable I am fine.

How can I have something similar in modo please help.



Hey zasid,
I just recently got Modo but haven’t really used it a lot yet but I think I know what you mean. The “T” key is the tweak tool while the “W” key is the move tool and I find the way the tweak tool works a little confusing. Try the following.

Make sure all the polygons, vertices and edges are deselected on your model. Now hit the “T” key to enable the tweak tool. Now just hover your mouse over the models polygons, edges and vertices. You should notice that as you hover over the polygons the polygon is highlighted, if you hover your mouse over the edges the edge becomes highlighted . ( If you don’t see this go to the Tool Properties panel on the left side of GUI and make sure the Element Falloff/Mode is set to Auto .)
Now what you do is hover over the polygon you want to move, it becomes highlighted , then left click and drag the polygon where you want. Then hover over the next polygon you want to move, it becomes highlighted then left click and drag it where you want and so on and so on.

I should note that you can only move one polygon,edge or vertice at a time this way but you can play with the falloff range in the Tweak Tool properties panel to suite your needs.

Hope this helps.


Thanks this seems to work fine now but I like the approach more in maya where you stay in one mode and select vertices and move them and etc.But thanks again this has clear the confusion for me.



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