Basic LW tutes


just bought 2nd hand, no idea, used max 4ish years ago
sorry should be a ? on thread name


Basic Lightwave Tutorials!

Oh yeah if anyone hasnt told you yet let me be the first!

READ THE MANUAL! :thumbsup:


no manual, no case, just amongst other stuff, think it’s legit though, looks it


Download the PDF manual off the newtek website!

7.0 PDF

7.5 PDF



perfect, cheers


Pretty easy to tell if it’s legit. Did it come with a dongle? You have to transfer ownership too.

Carpe Lightwave…but Et tu legitit Brute???


yup dongle, will find out about ownership transfer, had docs on install, but were corrupt??


You should register the software or upgrading will be a problem…You don’t want to spend money on software and have the original owner have it registered to themselves…


Hey Coupon!

Welcome to the LightWave family!

If you are a LightWave newbie, DO NO RELY ON THE MANUALS…They are useless. I don’t care what anybody says!..They should just be used for reference. To learn LightWave I suggest this website. Everything I learned about LightWave I learned from here…

And or course check Newtek’s site too. William has done an excellent job putting these together but these tutorials are also link in the above site.

I started LW at 5.5 and the manuals were bad, atrocious in 6.0 somewhat better but no that much better in 7.0…When William tackles the manual overhaul, I believe we’ll have a better manual.

Tapes from desktop images are great too.

You can always ask me of course. I am passed the newbie stage but not yet an expert. If I don’t have the answer I have resources just a mouse click away. It’s faster sometimes to ask than it is hunt a manual that doesn’t explain a thing, and if it does, it leaves you scratching your heard going…huh?

good luck> Enjoy your LightWave Experience


Thanks heaps for all that


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