Basic Female (Nudity) (Big DL)


Hey, yallz. This is my first post on here. Your skill levels seems pretty decent, so I’d like to get some feedback on this model.

There’s really no goal or requirements on this, just making her to use in my portfolio and possibly as a base in freelance stuff.

Poses, hair, and costumes to come. Thanks for your input!


Wow. She is pretty. Its nice to see a “natural” looking female. That’s a real challange to do and it looks like you stepped up to it pretty well. The texture especially looks good. The only thing that stands out to me are the feet. The shading on the top just behind the toes makes them look a bit weird and takes away from the awesomeness of the rest of the model. Maybe she could use a bit more contrast on the face but thats just me. Really impressive. Keep it up.


the butt looks kinda big or is it just me?


I agree that the but looks too big, other than that its good. the texture looks like Aneta from . Did you hand draw it or is it a photo?


I like BIG BUTTS and I cannot lie,
you other brothers can’t deny,
when a girl walks up with an itty-bitty waist
and a round thing in your face
you get SPRUNG!

She looks great man. If anything (apart from the good call on the toes) her face seems a little boxy and less resolved than the rest of her silhoette. I think you could do more with her hair too. The texture feels like long hair, but the profile seems more like a razor job.

The dark skinned version looks great too. Can we get a full shot?

Far as the butts thing goes, don’t worry about it. Sir Mixalot and I, both think you’ve done a great job here.




wow! this is one of a few cg characters i’ve seen that actually looks like a real person in the “i’m-not-made-by-a-fifteen-year-old-pornographized-hard-core-gamer-nerd-boy-whose-only-anatomic-reference-is-lara-croft” sense of the word. thank you teknoholic, great work! :slight_smile:


Good work so far…there are some areas I would suggest you tighten up some more…So far I would tweak the big butt…just needs a little scaling down, also may I suggest working out the colour map as it has too much baked in light and shadow and the spec map is making it look really shiney…but apart from that good start dude…

@obelisk…HAHA!..That tune by Sir Mixalot always has me in stitches…:smiley:


Besides it being a really boring model and not a very creative one (I don’t recommend having that one in your portfolio, since pretty much every artist know who anette is) it works from a technicial standpoint.

Pretty decent UV-spacing, the body topology works. The only place I really feel unsatisfied with is the head. You could add a couple of edge loops to really define her face.

You should really hand-paint the textures, not only do you learn more, you can get rid of nasty seams.

Overall it serves as an excercise (executed well) but not for portfolio. :slight_smile:


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