Base Mesh Anatomy help


Hey everyone, I was hoping I could get some feedback on this base mesh I made. I’ve looked at numerous references and have tried to come up with a “generic” base mesh for my 3d models. I’m going for a above average build, not too muscular but not fat either.

Feel free to critique as much as possible. This guy has gone through many iterations and every time I always find something wrong, but thats progress I guess.

Thanks in advanced :slight_smile: for a larger view.


It looks good to me.

But I’m a beginner. What sort of reference materials did/do you use when you’re modeling the human body? Do you have any tips or pointers to offer?

Good job though.


Thanks for the reply, um I basically look at everything, I look through alot of images on google, just looking up simple terms like “human anatomy”, “muscular arm”, “leg anatomy”, etc…

Also I have a couple of anatomy books. Artistic Anatomy, is a really good book that goes indepth with each bone and muscle. I also have a figure drawing book that details how to capture the basic overall shape rather than focusing on a specific muscle. I think having both of these books are great to give you an overall idea for anatomy. I’m always referring back to them trying to improve my own knowledge.

Finally, I think using other people’s work as reference is great to help you understand anatomy better. Obviously not copy, but using it for practice and sketches really helped me with my own technique.

If anyone has more to add or critique, please feel free.


he looks a bit stocky to me, mainly above the elbows, around the knees and the feet. but other than that everything seems to be in place.

above the elbow you show a bulge which i would make a bit flatter. there is mostly ligaments there for the triceps and not muscles. the biceps seem a bit too big at the insertion area of the forearm. overall the biceps seem too big. the triceps are usually the bigger muscles. your triceps and brachialis seems to be one muscle.

there seems to be too much mass behind the knees. and the back of the upper leg is a bit too flat.

the feet just seem huge to me, specially around the ankles. i mostly seen legs like that in models of cavemen where they have short statures and bulky joints. it just looks like a trunk of a man which might be common to you, just unusual to me.


Thanks for the response!

I’m not sure what you mean by “stocky” could you elaborate more? Also you said the feet are large to you, do you mean the entire foot (length wise) or just the ankles. Also by trunk you mean the torso right?

I’ll make the changes and post an updated model soon. Again thanks for the help!


by stocky i just mean stocky (it’s subjective). by trunk, i mean his joints are very large. his ankles, knees and elbows. his feet are also pretty big overall, but that’s also too subjective. but the bulkiness of his joints makes him very caveman-like.

and his ankles by be a bit too low.


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