Barrio Guy, Jose Alves da Silva (3D)


Title: Barrio Guy
Name: Jose Alves da Silva
Country: Portugal
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush
Submitted: 29th July 2010

I have finally finished my personal project - Barrio Guy.
I have tried to represent a street bully in a stylized way, using hard shapes and sharp edges to help define his rough personality.

I would like to thank all the input from my friends which have followed the WIP of this project.

You can check the WIP thread at:



Fantastic modeling! The stylization is spot on. Reminds me of Street Fighter IV. Well done, once again.


Several views screen captured inside Zbrush:


Andreas, I am really glad you like it! Thank you! :beer:


Amazing José :thumbsup:
Love the angular shapes, not the usual 3D stuff !
Your character has a lot of personality too.


Wow - great work!

Lovely sharp lines and angular bits. Great square head too


Serge and Andy, my “zombie” friends :smiley: Thanks!! :beer:


Woao, you really obtain dynamic shapes and angular life with this way to model your character. I’m not usually a 3D fan, but for this one I will do an exception. Good job !


just good … the cloth/shoes style is amazing, seems like my cousin.


great style and modeling!


DeeVad: Thanks! I am really glad you ar eopening an exception for 3D :slight_smile: Congratulations on your Award! :smiley:

xaws: I’d love to see an image of your cousin! Thank you! :slight_smile:

johannmoises: Thanx!!


Amazing figure character!!! You are rock! and Love a lot!! Master :smiley: Cheers


Damn!! What a amazing style! And like someone said on the WIP thread, it’s remember me the new Street Fighter style! It’s aways good to see your works here! Right to the inspiration folder! hahaha!

Keep rockin’ mate!!


In my opinion, better than the outstanding modelling skills, is the way you captured the concept of the character throu various elements which compose the overall image look. It makes it fell truly coerent.

Love the character positio, style n face. 
Rude guy with strong accent from the suburbs of a big city. Reminds me GTA IV.

You make portuguese people proud.

Continua a partir a loiça toda.



Amazing, I like all your Sculpt art works.
you are master in Zbrush


Fantastic stylished character! Amazing! :bowdown:


jap. good job. you finished ur work perfecly. i lowe this one!!!:slight_smile: congrats


WoW. Why isn’t this plugged yet? The style is awesome. The exaggeration is perfect imo. I love it. Well done.


i’m a big fan of all of yours work , just great !


Really cool :)))