baron, Tsvetomir Georgiev (3D)


Thanks so much guys , i very happy that you like it ,
and many thanks to lildragon for the front page it’s honor for me ,

Kong-in-Chains - the zbrush render is only one pass

Thanks again guys


Badass, the doom 3 baron is one of my favorite monster designs.


Very Well done :buttrock:


very well done :buttrock:


Looks good, congrats…


very nice, i absolutely love the design


awesome anatomy as always :beer:


very nice rework of better baron coool Keep it


Very Cool!


Sick! Looks half exoskeletal half mammal beast. The fur looks like tarantula fur. Great work.:applause:


simply sick, man! awesome work :buttrock:


Love the balance of wet and moist textures.


AFAIK there is no fur… its just some weird motion blur :slight_smile:
Congratulations Ceco, you made it to the frontpage!

Поздравления бе, изрод… :slight_smile: Мърдърдол съм :slight_smile:


The rework baron from hellnight is awesome.


Fantastic piece! Id Software should hire you ASAP. :slight_smile:


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