baron, Tsvetomir Georgiev (3D)


as i said on ZBC, your last images are awesome, i love your compositions, congratulations again.
3DCGChoice gallery!


I really like the render. I don’t know if it’s intentional or not but, it kind of looks like his body is a big head. His stomach is the nose, the groin area is the mouth, and the “nipple” is a closed eye. Either way, nice work, keep it up.


Very Nice, This render shows your great skills in both photoshop and zbrush


I hope I never come across such a creature!

I’m usually not a fan of huge nasty creatures but I really like how you handled the render!

Great model, great details, great lighting…great everything!



Great monster, very impressive. :buttrock:



just “Best”.


You’re doing an awesome job with these recreations ceco, beautiful work (well relatively speaking :D)




Modeling and texturing is top-notch. I love it!


Level of anathomy implementation is amazing. I love it, same as game inspiration :wink:

Great … man, i can wait to see more such done creatures!!


i really like it man, most of all the skin and the face



Great work, I thought of re-doing the original demon (Hell Knight) from the first Doom, in Doom 3 styling.

This redo of the Doom 3 hell knight look allot better than the commercial one, amazing detail and fantastic lighting, would not be surprised if this got printed in a book :applause:


congrats on the front page :slight_smile: well deserved :slight_smile:


very good work!


Great work, congrats on the frontpage :slight_smile:
Indeed fur is well painted! And above all, the skeleton parts are very very nice!


Nice work!
Very ugly beast)) 5 stars:applause:


Wow, i can’t believe this was all zbrush… I love how it looks totally cinematic, care to show how you’ve composited all this together, you’re zbrush passes?


Kudos ! :thumbsup: CG award worthy


wooowwww.REally Great.Congrast. :applause: :applause: 5


Awesome talent, unbelievable portfolio you have there!
I don’t how I miss your work before…


great creature ,his expression remind me of Kraken from new aron sims design,congrats