Barely Regal, Bjørnar Frøyse (3D)


Title: Barely Regal
Name: Bjørnar Frøyse
Country: Norway
Software: Blender, Photoshop

An image made for a competition at a large LAN party in Norway. The crowd consists of a lot of 16 year old geeks, so I decided to cater to the masses.

All of the 3D elements are made with Blender. Post processing (color correction, lighting effects) was done in Photoshop due to Blender’s compositing nodes taking too long to render at the desired resolution.


Well I am a 32 geek that be happy with your entry

Keep the good work!


I love it! congratulations on an excellent render!


Cool and fun idea! Beautiful execution!


Hmm sexy :slight_smile:
Nice colors.


I love It!


Nice Idea and beautiful colors!Congrats! :thumbsup:


What a cheek - a shameless paparazzi shot! Nor are cartoon characters safe anymore!
Lovely work! :thumbsup:


i know where are you reference!!! :smiley: jjejejejje :bounce:


sorry I wanted to say this :bounce:


You were posted on Kotaku! :slight_smile:!5796954/princess-peach-the-16-year+old-fantasy


Thank you everyone! Makes me happy.

And being featured on Kotaku was pretty huge!


(And coolturens… That would have made the image too sexy. :eek: )


> 16K views LOL


Fun and sexy :slight_smile: Great job.


this is great! :thumbsup:


Awesome, nice details!


I love both picture quality and the humor taste :smiley: :bounce:


Well done.


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