Barack Obama Portrait, Jonas Thornqvist (3D)


Title: Barack Obama Portrait
Name: Jonas Thornqvist
Country: Sweden
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Mudbox, Photoshop

This started out as a lunch-break mudbox doodle that I decided to finish off.
I found it pretty hard to get the likness of such a publicly known person right, but it was a fun exercie!

Base mesh done in 3dsmax, detailing in Mudbox, textures in Photoshop and then rendered with mentalray.



Very good modeling and texturing !


Awesome man . 5*

Hamed katebi


looks great jonas, there is something about his face that is missing to get perfect likeness yes…cant pin point it.
can we see the shaded view and textures used? the nose turned out really nice… is there tiny bits of hair on him as well? anything special about the shader/passes? could we see the passes as well? :slight_smile: thanks!


how was the hair done, outstanding man something around the eyes and forhead dont seem right to me but thats just me great work man.


Nice work on this model! I found the bottom of the face a little bit strange while the eyes and forehead are ok (IMHO :slight_smile:
Did you check this other Obama portrait at ZBrushcentral ?


Overall it’s a solid model. Some of the likeness is off, but the texturing is amazing. 5*


Great work! It’s spot on! 5 stars from me!!


I think it is maybe that the head is elongated just a little and throwing off the likeness. Hummm. maybe? It is something.


Thanks for your comments!

I will post some making of images tomorrow.
Here is a front render of him, slightly different lighting.


Eye are wrong in the lacrimal area makes him look part asian


Jonas, he looks freaking amazing, excellent work :applause:


Very nice work, the skin texture is also very good.Can again a little blacker was like more.


Very well done. Excellent detail on the textures especially.

My suggestions for increasing the likeness, some of which may just be because of the camera angle/focal length;

  • Widen the eyes, but maintain the distance between them.
  • Raise the outer ends of the eyebrows very slightly.
  • Widen the eyebrows and brow bone structure.
  • Make the cheekbones slightly lower and more prominent.
  • Make the bulb of the nose slightly smaller.
  • Flatten and widen the nostrils.
  • Make the forehead larger and more bulbous.
  • Shrink the entire lower half of the face in relation to the top.


good good
good good
good good
good good
good good


i think you have got the “spirit” thing of him.when i saw this ,i knew who he is.

nice job.


Great job!! :applause:


Good work…really liked the texturing and modelling part…very well done…


Wow. Love it. Love the texture shading and lighting. 5 from me.


How did you made the abberations? Is this a postwork or 3d render? Nice render Jonas:)