Banking flying instances (scripting)


I was hoping someone could offer advice on how to use existing aim Direction to get instances to bank while also aiming towards their velocity. I can get the aim direction to follow velocity, but I think adding banking requires more robust scripting of the roationPP.

Has anyone accomplished this and would be able to offer scripting advice or describe which PP attributes I need to enlist to try to script it myself? I’ve found a couple similar posts , stuff that would allow me to achieve aim direction manually through scripting, but not sure how to incorporate the banking as well.

I assume it’s some combination of vectors, but not sure if I need to convert to eulers, ugh it’s just beyond me at this point. I’m relatively new to the scripting aspect, but learning slowly.

Any advice greatly appreciated.
I’m currently using Volume curve and sometimes goals to drive flying objects, and the built-in aimDirection (velocity option) to get them pointed correctly.