Banker, Iker Cortázar (3D)


so it-yourself Rockefeller! just like a living!



Thank you very much for all your comments, critics and votes!! It has been a pleasure to read all your messages.

And thanks a lot to CGSociety for the award!!

Muchas gracias!! :thumbsup:


Congrats! -Well deserved :slight_smile:


That is certainly the jewel of your portfolio.


really nice dude… i love it!!!

can u explain about the light step?
looks amazing!!! :slight_smile:



I love all the smaller details that make up this image, and the menacing expression is really superb, congrats on the award!


His expression is awesome.


so sweet, love everything about it


Hi guys! Thanks a lot for your comments!!
[left]leemale: Thank you very much buddy!! :beer:

pedroconti: About the lighting, as soon as I can I will post some captures with the lights, so you can see where are they placed.

And thanks again to ALL of you for comment, critic and vote the image.



hey iker!
this is one great pic! I love the banksters expression. Mean to the bone! great idea and great execution as well!

two things I would like to give you my opinion on if you dont mind:
the seat cover looks a bit too flat and boring. Its quite a big red flat plane right behind your character. Maybe a leather structure with buttons on it would allow for more shading and contrast. Getting it darker (especially at the bottom) would also help you character to pop out a bit more.
and the lamp seems a bit too bright and distracts from the character a bit.

nonetheless, the award is well deserved! congrats and keep it up!



Beautiful image! so many details, i like it!


good idea !


i love this scene,is the absolute boss,no discussions,the lighting is incredible.


It’s cool :thumbsup:


Amazing work, a strong story line and technology.:beer:


Since I’m working in a bank I must say, spot on! Good job, mate! :smiley:


it s very best.

a animation maybe?


i agreed with mechaniac, hahaha, its a awesome image, perfect at first sight… but as everything it has it’s flaws, and i would love to add a comment the green columns holding the trophy’s, you could ed have rotated one, so they wouldn’t look with exactly the same texture :stuck_out_tongue: just a thought


Great work, as usuall. Congratulations, one more time, for your image, you have a very good taste :wink:


Wow Iker, creo que te has vuelto a superar! Me encanta el tema, muy acorde a los tiempos, y sobretodo la sonrisa del buitre. Muy buena iluminación.

Wow Iker, I think you’ve gotten to overcome! I love the theme, highly consistent nowadays, and specially the smile of the vulture. Very good lightning.