Banker, Iker Cortázar (3D)


That’s fantastic. I love that chair and the little picture to his back right. Great touch.

The stacks of money kinda look like rubber pads, maybe more variation in how the paper is clamped together? Otherwise, very nice. Keep it up!


hhaaha very nice mate,I loved it all 10 stars!!


wow, wonderfull, keeps the eyes busy for a while… *****



jest amazing work

5***** from & i vote 4 u :wip:

good luck 4 ever :beer:


Wonderful idea, matched by excellent modeling and texturing!


fantastic work gave you a love it well deserved:beer:


Excellent work. :thumbsup:
Not much to say other than you hit the nail on the head, this is top row!



incredible work…
it should be put in the choice award section


This is just a great idea (and great execution, of course!). Full of irony. I just love it.
You put wonderful details in the scene. The trophies to the left and right are just excellent. You also chose a great, yet simple title. ‘Banker’. 'nuff said. It just hits it bullseye.

Love the character and his facial expression. At a first glimpse you might think it’s just an anonymous smile, but you can literally feel there’s something underneath. I think Monty Burns is quite the right comparison.


great work.
good details and composite .
my best wishes .


that deserves a plug!! great character and scene!


He do you know my banker? :slight_smile:

That´s really an awesome work! :drool:
5 stars from me.


I really love this. So many details to attract my eyes. Very nice work.



Brutal, Iker! No has podido encontrar mejor forma de retratar a semejante ralea. Ni que decir tiene que la técnica es perfecta en todos los sentidos. Felicidades, hermano!

FF :beer:



your rendering and reflection very good
Is very professional


Wow! Great Work! FAntastic! :bounce:


Your work is great!

Realmente excelente trabajo. Felicitaciones, Iker


good idea and execution


great stuff :slight_smile: i love the background :slight_smile:


Great work. Another one I would love to see animated.