Banker, Iker Cortázar (3D)


Title: Banker
Name: Iker Cortázar
Country: España
Software: Maya, mental ray, Mudbox, Photoshop

Hi everyone,

This is my latest personal work. I used Maya to model the scene and Photoshop to make the textures and compose the image. I also used Mudbox to make some normal maps. Rendered with Mental Ray using GI and FG.

I hope you like it. Critics and comments are more than welcome.


i really like the way u made the whole scene interesting by putting a birdish element in things, loved the trophies and pictures, indeed you put a lot of work in the image!, shaders look great too!
i don’t know if its me only but i cant properly feel what his expression is!, what is actually going on in his mind. The currency in his hand emphasizes on the state of mind or expression but i really think that considering the level of your shaders, lighting, modeling and rendering work!. i think his face expression could use something more interesting.
i mean by looking at his hand i can tell that his personality is kinda greedy or pure business man kinda thing. but his face expression is a little bit less interesting compared to the level of work you have done!.
that wt i think about it


Perfect portrait of a businessman, a vulture with a smile on its face. Congratulations


very nice done, it´s fun to “wander” through this picture and take a closer look at all the details.


beautiful work, so many details and a very nice presentation :cool:


I’m glad someone’s depicted a banker as a vulture; and it’s masterfully done too.


Great work my friend! The atmosphere and that touch of humor you have captured makes this image outstanding. I love his expression as well. Magnifico trabajo Iker!:thumbsup:


Wow! It’s a really wonderful artwork!!! Congrats! I love this greedy character :buttrock:


WoWWW.just perfect!


That’s great. Very well done. :thumbsup:



I love the picture! Excellent detail and lighting. The portrait of the vulture is brilliant as well! 5/5 stars for me. :thumbsup:


Well that’s really excellent, quite perfect. Everything is great. I just find the jacket shader/texture is not as good as all the others. But I really love this picture.


Yet another beautiful image Iker. Excellent attention to detail, as always. He has a real Monty Burns feel to him :bowdown:


Very good detailing. I liked it a lot :thumbsup:


Whoaaaa! Love this work. So much detail, so much fun!


perfect. symbolic work man :buttrock:


ahah that’s just awesome :slight_smile: Great work really, any chance to see artworks/wireframes?

Love it:thumbsup:


this is fantastic!!! nice lighting.


I like it. Sweet composition.


Wonderful work. I love the idea and great choice of theme. Very impressive.