banana split, Szymon Biernacki (2D)


Title: banana split
Name: Szymon Biernacki
Country: Poland
Software: Painter

Hi All,
This is may personal work. I wanted to work on something more detailed than my usual paintings… I used Painter X for painting and Photoshop for some color correction.
Hope You like it :slight_smile: C&C most welcome!


Very nice work. like composition, movment and the clouds.
Maybe the plants in foreground could habve been darker to create more depth but I’m not sure of it


Wow great piece of art!

i truely adore your colors, they work perfect for your style
but i think authentic is right, the plants in the foreground should be darker

Cool idea for a picture, and the title fits perfect^^

btw what are the little apes throwing?:wink:


Very nice painting.
Great colours and some pretty nice designs too.

Good action piece.



amazing work, I really like the composition … and the little family on the right corner … 5* :thumbsup:


Wow man!

Great piece, great Colors and an amazing composition!


Haha this is great! :slight_smile: Love their expressions!


Lovely picture and style. The composition, shades and colors are very good. I really like the deeps and colors how they are :slight_smile:

Keep working :smiley:


Fantastic work - love the subtle details and great work on the lighting.

Keep it up! :thumbsup:


simply great!


5 stars!!!


If I like it?..pffftt! NO!
I love it! cleaningbrownnose

Absolute awesome image.
Posing, colours, characters and all the small details make it really outstanding.
Sould you post one with a bigger resolution?

Oh, and sorry for all the fluff, but I don’t have any critique for this one…


5 stars !!!



holly… this is GREAT…
What a style ! :slight_smile:
Composition, fluidity, won’t make any more comments, it is all very well balanced and wonderful.

5 Stars, congrats on the front page, well deserved.

See ya,


That’s some tight work! Very consistent style, dynamic poses and great color use!


Amazing! I love this, such a great focal point yet so much entertaining stuff going on!


Spectactular work on so many levels: color, story, stylization…bravo!!! :slight_smile:


How much would you charge for a print?

This is really nice, awesome work.


great stuff painter rocks!


really really great!! loved the color and composition! and the style of course