Banana, Matt Roussel (3D)


Title: Banana
Name: Matt Roussel
Country: France
Software: CINEMA 4D

Hi everybody…
this banana is a shy person,but when it is alone it become crazy.
hope you like it and thank’s for your comments.


Great work once again! Love the bright colours and lighting.
That brown bit on his head is kinda scary - id freak out if i found that on my banana! I suppose it needs something though, to suggest hair.

How long did this one take you? 16 minutes? You are hella fast!

What is on the cover of the book and the picture on his desk? I cant make them out at this res


Hah ha great idea…
I love the workout.

Keep it up!


Hi Andy
i made it yesterday :wink: The book is a french thriller which the title can be translate like "a banana in the ear.“San antonio”.dont think you read it like i didn’t.but the tiltle was good for the theme.
the little photo is a detail of an other illo .it’s a rosk star whith a hair banana like “The King Elvis”.


another great piece of cartoon art from you
big fan of your work

only crit could be the yellow blanked on the bed, the bump is a bit too regular … coul be more cartoony

keep the good (and fast) work up


hahaha very funny!:slight_smile: super idea! technicue is greate to !
Good work!!


I love the lighting in the pieces you do, can you elaborate on what lighting was used in this one? Nice work once again, funny :slight_smile: And you’re hella fast man :arteest:



Oh Man!! HaHa…Awesome piece. Great job Matt! :thumbsup:


hi lildragon
i use one spot light to 20% of luminosity whith a little yellow in,from the left, and a sphere whith a hdri image in global illumination set…and some photoshop adjustment…


Matt, you’re one of the reasons I love having Cinema 4d (is that weird of me to say? Eh, oh well…) …also the reason I hate having cinema 4d since I can’t make anything half as good/fast as you! :wink:

Thanks for explaining your lighting setup, I need to play around with HDRI a bit more in my renders. Very hilarious as usual too!


Hhaha!! This is entertainment! His little bananashoes are priceless! Great work man!


Woah, what a stylish image! You made a smile on my face!
But i have one question? Is it’s his girlfriends banana in his cupboard? :wink:


haha nice, nothing to crit on.
could you please upload a wallpaper ?:smiley:


ahahahaha very nice idea man…
love the bright colours…nice lighting…
i like very the details u added to the room…
keep it up :thumbsup:


Hehe, that’s a funny one :thumbsup: . I like your style.


Just another reason why I hate bananas …

But I love this render.


very fun, great work !


:stuck_out_tongue: hahaa…

this one is funny n cool work man… luv that…



Very funny :love:
the slippers looks so big on his feet
Great work matt!


i think that banana is a bit dry
but nobody gonna to buy him and fry
children which see him will definetly cry
artists who see the pic will say ‘oh my!’

nice, congrats twice