Banana Girl, Anders Ehrenborg (3D)


Title: Banana Girl
Name: Anders Ehrenborg
Country: New Zealand
Software: 3ds max, Lightwave 3D, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

This character was designed by Bill Presing for Digital Banana Studios shortfilm “Orange Ô desespoir”.
3D by me and 3D-printed at Ownage.

The statues can be seen and purchased [URL=]HERE

Hope you like it.


Fantastic design and painterly rendering. Plugged.


Beautiful render. :applause:


Beautiful example of simplicity and cuteness, no matter the software, love her :wink:

cheers… Vince


So f**king good.

You should post some shots of the statues in the thread, they look fantastic!


Amazing work! Love the colours and composition


that’s a good start,
can’t wait to see it animated !


wow thanks for the frontpage, it’s a great honor!!

and thanks for all kind comments, you guys rock!

attached is some photos of the statue(thanks AJ) that we printed at Ownage. they are selling out quicker than planned :slight_smile:

john, feels like the old times. although this time we’re both old farts, not just you :slight_smile:


Cute as a button.


Saw this on one other gallery, very cute work. Brings up very positive emotions in me.


Nice work!! so much cuteness there…congrats Anders :beer:


This is amazing!! Love the design and the color!


Bill Pressing is one of my favourite artists… You did a great work, respect for that. :bowdown:
Now only if I had some extra $$ to order one…


wow can’t believe I’m in the choice gallery. as if frontpage wasn’t big enough! I feel very honored. thanks a lot.
and thanks for everyones support and motivation!!


Eeek too cute :love: , excellent work Anders! :thumbsup:


I like it.不错的CG论坛


yeah at last i see the original 3D model !
congrats for the frontpage+choice gallery - talk about good advertising for the little orange :smiley:


anders always the top :slight_smile:
keep up your good work.


Fantastic, the composition and lighting, really ads to the character model.


nice work!