Balloon, Rafael Braga (3D)


Title: Balloon
Name: Rafael Braga
Country: Brazil
Software: Photoshop, SOFTIMAGE|XSI

This is a scene that I made for illustre one of my ideas.
I have a second ideia with the same scene, and I am going to do right now

Plz! A lot of Critiques will be welcome! =o)
Thanks all!

XSI 3.5

>> Hi resolution image <<


A little poetry in this world of glowin cars and agressive robots :slight_smile:
Peharps a little more blurry and “postcard” for myself.
But the unit is good.


I dunno if this is what externe meant, but yeah, the composition should be horizontal and the balloon, not central. I’d like to see more of the background. Those could be birds up in the corner or they could be the Luftwaffe.-hen


I just want to say that there is too much blur (just my opinion)
And that like a postcard :
that all :slight_smile:


It’s not a ballon, it’s a mirror ! try to obtain a texture much more like a peach (just a tad of reflexion inside)


I remembered the short movie called “red balloon”. It is an old French movie. It is a story of a child and his red balloon. The balloon is folllowing the child all the time. There are many sceens like your rendering, buildings at the background and the flying balloon is in front.

I reallly inspired from your work.



very nice job!
I feel magic.


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