Ballo. --Armed and dangerous-- much...


Here is my thing…He/she is work in progress, it isn’t a final concept, I have too much to tweak and think but I like to leave all the creative process meanwhile I’m modelling the character, could be a mistake, yes, but I like to feel that. Three words, scifi, mystique and twin Siamese…and elegant…well four words. :slight_smile:


i like the concept… specially the two heads…
and something glowing to paint an incendescene map… jea…


Really cool. But armed? Await updates.


Thanks mates. Actually I’m bit lost with the weapon. Any ideas? I will try to design something soon, and model!


The free online dictionary defines “weapon” as:
weapon [ˈwɛpən]n1. (Military / Arms & Armour (excluding Firearms)) (Military / Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) an object or instrument used in fighting
2. anything that serves to outwit or get the better of an opponent his power of speech was his best weapon
3. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Zoology) any part of an animal that is used to defend itself, to attack prey, etc., such as claws, teeth, horns, or a sting
4. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Anatomy) a slang word for censored

So I guess the green breath of death might be arguably enough, but will it make an impact on the judges/viewers?

Maybe give it something in the form of a religious/mystical symbol for channeling energy … or some biotic weapon maybe.
You might just as well keep the breath of death and depending if it’s a close range/long range thing the weapon could cover the other fighting distances?


Thanks SunsSkull. Really good point.

I’m thinking about the religious ornaments. I will try to design something related, but more futuristic. I don’t know from where start…anw. here is a bit of small update. It is the first rough attempt to match the concept, quite a bit frustrated to undestand what I painted.

Because I love the creative process and test and change the idea meanwhile I model, the faces looks a bit vamp right now, who knows the end how will be… :curious:


A new concept, this time more medieval than scifi. But I’m trying to focus in the main character because the first concept was so blurry. :shrug: and I don’t like the 3dmodel, so restart.


and a new more, this time to study the scifi idea.


I prefer the more mystical idea, for me it has a feel of an ancient mythology (greek or nordic) creature, specially because of the blindfolded eyes.
Concerning the topic of a weapon, on the contest rules they talk about a item that the character wields, so I don’t know if the idea of the green breath of death qualifies, better check with the contest management.

Cheers and best of luck


I like the idea


Both Ideas look ok, but the high tech looks like it will make a way more interesting sculpt.

I’d be interested to see a combination of the two. High tech cybernetic stuff peeking out from the folds of a robe


a staff-ish weapon or a blade with a long handle could go in right(our right) hand of ur 1st concept art itself…the pose suits that well…

and something like an alien-egyptian looking staff would have both mystic-futuristic feel to it

:thumbsup: awesum work…


i think there were some really cool weapons in stargate 1994 movie


Ey, thanks Luis. Yes, I’m designing a weapon as an item, but right now I would like to start with the modelling and leave the weapon at the end.

Thanks Nikizar

Hi h2olt I like the futuristic idea as well, but the previous concept was a bit silly. My first idea was a bit of religious scifi style but in that case the arm was too “cyborg”

Thaks pyrocube, good recommendations. I love that movie!.

Here is my last concept. I’m quite happy with the costume and feeling I think is quite close that my first idea. So now start to modelling!


religious sci-fi ! lol… i would just prefer calling it magic…:wink:


this is great! I like the use of cloth, I liked to see how you approach that. :buttrock:


hej ballo, really nice drawing, like the concept very much.

How you gonna do the pelvis and breast area, because he seems very broad at that areas.


Thanks guys, I couldn’t work more this weekend, hopefully the next one I will start with the real modelling. Yes, chest is wide but pelvis area is quite similar to a human one. :slight_smile:

Here is a bit of introduction to the character story. I’m not the best writer in the world…hahaha

Gro-Mouh is an alien race quite similar to the human, but with more white skin, because the lack of sunlight on their planet. It’s location is in the star Tara several billion light years from Earth.

[i]Number [/i][i]15 [/i]is one of the many disciples of  [i]To[/i], a religion discipline.  The entrance to this religion  is very strict and secret  and is composed of rare  mutations of [i]Gro-Mouh[/i] race.  It is believed that Siamese twins mainly are more perfect than normal habitants and they aren't just rare deformities like human belief. In this case, Number 15  has high psychic skills far  above the rest. He can easily  read minds, investigate  in the future and even he is totally blind can see through the aura, which gave a much clearer vision of the subject.

Although it is a religion, they don’t believe in any God or abstract entity and are not subject to any government. As demonstrated in the second civil war where due to his exceptional martial education overthrew the actual government.

It’s a privilege count with To support.



I had to use this smiley after I read the story :wink:


Very interesting and strong story behind the fantastic modeling.
This project is very good Jose! :smiley: