Ballistic Publishing and Autodesk, Inc. announces ELEMENTAL 2


Hello all,

Following on from the success of ELEMENTAL, we’re pleased to announce ELEMENTAL 2, and start the Call for Entries for the next edition of the World’s Best Autodesk Art. For all the details visit the website at

Below is the release that will go out on the 2nd of August at SIGGRAPH 05 from Ballistic Publishing and Autodesk, Inc.




     [b]Ballistic Publishing and Autodesk, Inc. Announce ELEMENTAL 2
    2nd Edition of the World’s Best Autodesk Art[/b]

2 August 2005, Adelaide, Australia - Ballistic Publishing and Autodesk, Inc. are proud to announce ELEMENTAL 2, showcasing the world’s finest artwork created using Autodesk’s digital content creation solutions. The book will reflect the best ‘ideas realized’ from its customers and wide range of industries that Autodesk products serve such as design visualization, animation, game development, and visual effects. ELEMENTAL 2 will maintain the award-winning quality that Ballistic Publishing is renowned for, and will be a worthy successor to the critically acclaimed ELEMENTAL book.

    [b]Call for Entries[/b]

Ballistic Publishing is now calling all artists to submit digital images for consideration to be included in ELEMENTAL 2. Images should be predominantly created using Autodesk software products. We are interested in digitally-created fine art, whether 2D or 3D, for commercial use, or personal artistic satisfaction; any creation that exemplifies the artists’ idea realized. We are seeking artwork in the following categories: Interior Visualization, Exterior Visualization, Character in Repose, Character in Action, Creature in Repose, Environment, Product Design, Abstract & Design, Humorous and Transport.

There is no cost or limit to enter work for inclusion in ELEMENTAL 2. In the legacy of all Ballistic Publishing showcase publications, all artists with work published in ELEMENTAL 2 will receive a complementary copy of the book and will enjoy worldwide exposure in the premier collection of Autodesk-created artwork to ever be published.

    [b]The ELEMENTAL 2 Awards[/b] 

The ELEMENTAL 2 Awards will celebrate the highest artistic achievement in a diverse range of categories and styles. Award recipients will demonstrate an outstanding fusion of artistic and technical excellence. Master (gold) and Excellence (silver) awards will be given in the following categories:

    -    Interior Visualization
    -    Exterior Visualization
    -    Character in Repose
    -    Character in Action
    -    Creature in Repose
    -    Environment
    -    Product Design
    -    Abstract & Design
    -    Humorous
    -    Transport
    The ELEMENTAL 2 Awards will be judged by a highly talented group of industry leaders and artists including: [b]Pascal Blanché[/b] (Art Director at Ubisoft), [b]Michael Flynn[/b] (Freelance virtual space designer), [b]Benoit Girard[/b] (President of Digital Dimension), [b]Peter Moxom[/b] (Industry manager for Animation, Autodesk Media & Entertainment Asia Pacific), [b]Susannah Skerl[/b] (Instructor at The Art Institute Vancouver), [b]Robert Stava[/b] (Creative Director for Arup’s 3D Media Group), [b]Marcin Wasko[/b] (3D artist for Platige Image), and [b]Vincent Brisebois [/b](Application Engineer and 3D animation artist, Autodesk Media & Entertainment division).

Dedication to Artists
Ballistic Publishing’s extraordinary dedication to representing artists through its publications has changed the lives of artists worldwide and launched many careers. Its flagship EXPOSÉ titles celebrating the talents of digital artists have given the opportunity for unprecedented publicity at no cost, while inspiring countless others and new generations of creators!

“THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!! There is no place else I know where artists get this much support as through your publications!” - Alexander Preuss, EXPOSÉ 3 artist, Grand Space Opera Challenge winner.

“It’s a real honour to see my work in EXPOSÉ 3, and the quality of the book itself is outstanding!” - Mike Hill, Freefall Graphics, EXPOSÉ artist.

“I’m really proud to be selected and be part of such a great collection of art and artists around the world, and I must congratulate you for these beautiful books and the great services that Ballistic Publishing is doing for the CG community!” - Razvan Maftei, EXPOSÉ 3 artist.

“I think that it [EXPOSÉ] is the best book about digital art in the world, and I’m honoured to be a part!” - Daniele Cascone, EXPOSÉ 3 artist.

    [b]Outstanding Quality[/b]

Ballistic Publishing books are renowned worldwide for their astonishing quality, delivering justice to the phenomenal artwork emerging from the explosive talents of digital artists today. Every single image included in a Ballistic Publishing book is color-corrected to ensure that the transfer from the computer monitor to paper is flawless.

Submission Guidelines

Our goal is to showcase the world’s most stunning Autodesk-created artwork. Images should be predominantly created using Autodesk products. We are interested in digitally-created fine art (2D or 3D), whether it be for commercial use, or personal satisfaction. We are seeking artwork in the following categories: Interior Visualization, Exterior Visualization, Character in Repose, Character in Action, Creature in Repose, Environment, Product Design, Abstract & Design, Humorous and Transport.

Artwork to be considered for ELEMENTAL 2 needs to be submitted before 3rd October 2005. Further submission guidelines and electronic upload instructions are available at:

    [b]Publishing Details[/b]

ELEMENTAL 2 will be released worldwide in January 2006. Due to the rush of last minute entries, we ask that artists with existing works submit them as quickly as possible to avoid any technical difficulties or mail system failures. We look forward to seeing your work featured in ELEMENTAL 2!


Oh nice nice! I got the first one. Definitely will get this one too.

I really gotta start working on my own projects and do some still images as well. I was lucky enough to get some of my work inside the Elemental 1. I want to try that again :slight_smile:


Im fairily intrested in just confused. I don’t get what you can do in 2d with any Autodesk program?

Im taking it that you can’t use Photoshop? If you can, then im in, otherwise, im confused and it’d be nice to be clarified.



Compositing would be my guess. :shrug:

Hope I can find the time to do something for this…


OOOoooo, another one I am up to it! I will try to submit something, holla!:scream:


sounds terribly cheap, but im gonna try and get my bunny girl in there again! She didnt make the cut for expose, so ill spruce her up, add office nerd and make an environment!

Sounds like an ace book - ill definately buy it. Elemental is my fave ballistic book.


oh, looks nice
realy glad to hear that
at now i havn t anything fantastic to submit but it is very interesting for me to see the other works.
i love you Autodesk


does minimum resolution have to be really 2657 pixels wide and/or 3636 high or I can submit something smaller?


Oh boy…! :bounce: Oh boy…! :bounce:


Oh wow, this is great. I’ll try once again to submit some work. I’m going to try to submit my chessboard piece, I’ll have to add an environment, but that will be fun. Good Luck to anyone submitting work, its terribly hard to get one in. :smiley:


Hi lukz,

We request these dimensions so that we have the freedom to reproduce entries in print resolution (300dpi) at full page size. If your image is full page size and is selected, there’s a good chance that you’ll have a full page in the book. If it’s at a smaller size, it will probably share a page with up to three other entries and its success might be dependent on how well it works with the other images (color, subject matter, etc).

So, no, you don’t HAVE to supply at these dimensions, but it might help your chances of being prominent in the book.

Best of luck with your entries.


What is the policy regarding copyrighted characters?
I noticed a Batgirl and Catwoman image in there - is that sort of thing acceptable?
Just asking because I’m working on a DC character as well.


Hey daniel - is game art (low polygon) allowed?

Im guessing it isnt.


Hi there,

A couple of quick questions:

  1. I dont know if it’s an error on the guidelines page (beside the “image preparation”), but it says “Painter”, not “Elemental 2”, and on the “submit entry” page, it only has “exotique” in the dropdown.

  2. Is this all discreet software? or just the 2d software?




Hi Andy,

There’s no rule to say that you can’t enter game art. We are hoping to increase the game-related entries for ELEMENTAL 2, so by all means enter your low poly work too.


Hi Gunnah,

  1. All technical problems should now be corrected for the entry system. When you return to the entries page, you’ll have the option of ELEMENTAL 2 and two of our other new books (one which will be announced next week).

  2. We’re accepting all Discreet/Autodesk-created work, so the majority will be 3D with some compositing/2D work featured too.


such competitions are nothing but cheap promotion for the particular company, in this case autodesk.


Don’t forget, they’re also excellent exposure for artists that use the software…
There are several package-androgenous books, nothing wrong with an autodesk-only book.

PS. I didn’t get a reply about copyrighted characters (see page 1). What is the policy regarding submissions that feature copyrighted characters?


Hi Toxic,

Copyright is a very grey area, so as part of our entry terms and conditions we require that you be the copyright owner of the entry or that you have permission from the client if they hold the copyright. If artwork is created using a movie, game or comic as visual inspiration, and you don’t have permission from the copyright holder then you’re on shakey legal ground and we won’t publish it.

We will do a feature story in the near future on copyright to clarify how it applies to artwork entered for our books.