Ballistic Publishing Affiliate Program


Ballistic Publishing is pleased to announce the launch of the Exposé Affiliate Program.

EXPOSÉ has been a spectacular success! Now we want to build on that so that even more people can get EXPOSÉ – and we want to give current owners and community members a way to be a part of the success and get something tangible in return.

If you couldn’t afford it before, here is your chance to get free copies of EXPOSÉ 1!

We want your help in identifying resellers who should be stocking EXPOSÉ 1 and all the other books we will be bring out this year!

It’s simple:

[li] Register yourself as an affiliate on our web site at and make sure to fill out the details of the people you are going to persuade to buy EXPOSÉ 1. You need to register first and get the details correct so when they do order we know that it’s you we have to send the free copy of EXPOSÉ 1 to.
[li] Scout out your local bookstores, art colleges, computing retailers, digital art studios, gift stores, games/broadcast/film production companies… anyone!
[li] Show them EXPOSÉ 1 and get them to go to our web site.

[li] Get them to order of 25 or more books on-line – which they get a 30% bulk discount on. All bulk orders are sent out by FedEx and so they should have the books before Christmas – we have many companies ordering books for all their employees!
[li] We will mail you a free copy of EXPOSÉ 1!
[li] If you can get a second order or 25+ books we will send you a free limited edition leather-bound copy of EXPOSÉ 2 when it is released later this year. This is in addition to a free copy of EXPOSÉ 1 you already earned for the first order!

Please contact Helen for more information about the Exposé Affiliate Program.
Ph +61.8.8388.5966
Fax +61.8.8388.5977

Visit our website for more information about the EXPOSÉ series.


Woow! :eek:

/me runs out of his house, into bookstores, convincing them to order 25 copies EXPOSÉ!

This is só great! :0


wooow :slight_smile:

I’m already into it now mailing all my friends and my collegues about this and 2morrow when my boss comes i’ll surely make him agree for a bulk order for our company…


:eek: Omg that’s awesome Leigh! I already own Expose 1 so I actually have to get two orders in order to get my hands on that limited baby :wink: I have a couple of idea’s of ppl who might want to order.

Ppl are going to regret they gave me their cellphone numbers :beer:

(woosh!) see ya tomorrow guys, I got work to do :stuck_out_tongue:


I may just be a cynic, or have worked at too many independent bookstores, but you guys want them to stock 25 copies of an art book???


Oh well… Congrats to those who manage to get some store to stock that many. Seems like only a chain store would do it- and they’d buy the 25 then piece them out to their individual locations, maybe 2 or 3 at a time…

If OTOH I getg 25 of my friends to buy the book, give me the money and I place the order and then get a free one… that may be possible, but my friends would have my hide. I’d have to discount the prices equitably and then we all jsut get 33% cheaper copies. Hm, that could happen.



what happened when i already purchased the Expose 1? Can I do the first 25 order and earn the free leather edition of the Expose 2 instead of getting a second copy of the Expose 1?



D3-2go, to be honest, I have no idea :slight_smile:
You’ll have to email Ballistic and ask. I’m just the bearer of news, not a source of real information, hehehe.


The Affiliate Program rules are the same for everyone. It’s easier if you already have a book – you have something to show everyone :slight_smile:

What you do with the free copy of EXPOSÉ 1 is up to you – sell it, give it to a friend, use it a Christmass gift.

It’s funny – companies, computer and software resellers, art schools and Asian country book shops are all buying in bulk. Traditional western book shops are missing out as they are all used the sale or return mentailty of taking no risk. Oh well - that’s their loss.

We are also open to any other promotional programs that people come up with and that make good sense. It really is a matter af al chipping in and helping each other.

Go get them !!


OH … and if you just get 25 of your friends to buy the book… well you get to decide if you will share the 30% bulk discount with them or become a reseller yourself and make alittle extra money for Christmass as well as getting the free book :slight_smile:


time to start pimping out my christmas present after christmas :smiley:


Ill do my best, not just to get a free book but expose should be distributed to the far sides of the world. More exposure can only mean this community will grow in all aspects of the word.


woot! I’m in!



Your info on how other bookstores operate around the world is an eye opener to me. I never knew this. Gives me something to look into- how the publishing industry works in asian countries. I’d love to know how remainders are handled- or clearance, what markups are, publisher risk/gain, blah blah blah… and all sorts of other things now.

Thanks for the little tip.


i counldn’t send an e-mail to Helen :(.

this is what i get

This address no longer accepts mail.


sadly almost all chain bookshops in the UK take more than 30% of cover price as their end to start with, and do sale or return.


You all are making a killing off of other people’s work. Are these artists featured in Expose getting any compensation besides exposure? Hense the title, I’m gathering it’s just for getting exposure to the artists.

You can’t just expect a bookstore to purchase 25 copies if they’ve never sold the book before. No business wants to be stuck with a surplus of product that doesn’t move off the shelves.

Besides, most bookstores in America (I can’t speak for other countries) don’t even have the shelf space or stock room space for 25 books… (except for books like Harry Potter) Most art books get ordered in 3’s and 6’s. So the store displays 3 facings and keep 3 in the back. That’s the deal with Borders bookstore and how they handled ordering The Art of Final Fantasy and many other art related books. Not saying that art books bomb on the shelfs but it is a nitch market.

I know Art colleges will stock up because they can double the price and add on a few dollars and sell it in their on campus bookstore. Students will eat them all up since most student loans pay for books and such.



Originally posted by ryguy
You all are making a killing off of other people’s work.

Actually, as has been pointed out many, many times in the past, books like this don’t make very much profit at all, since the printing costs are so high. Do a search here in the forum for past threads on this issue. Publishing is a costly business.

Are these artists featured in Expose getting any compensation besides exposure?

They get a free copy of the book. Royalties with books like this are pretty pointless since there are sooo many contributing artists. Each artists royalties would be something like a few dollars each year.


i actually work for a major bookstore and i also worked for an independant bookstore… the idea of getting 25 art books is not a problem… there is this thing called back stock so dont let shelf space full your… here is a hint my idevidual store alone caried 40 copies of ‘robota’ and 80 copies of ‘mythology’ by alex ross… both are art books. i have one and only one problem they will not order with out seeing a sample copy of the book… that is the draw back of this method plus i do agree that 30% is not that much…for what the cover price is… like i said the only problem is with just a website i probably cant get any orders actually i lied I probably canI can because i have order other local and independant artist stuff that sold but with out a sample i probably wont even ask for 25…


I really dont think id be able to get 25 people to buy it :confused: But im deffinatly gonna buy one for myself for christmas, and hey, maybe some of my arty freinds might want one too :shrug:


Some interesting facts:

We do supply a sample book to legitmate book shops upon their request. Some ask for a sample, some dont.

Initial bulk orders have varied from 25 - 200.

Bulk discounts do start at 10+ but the discount is only 22% due to high shipping costs at that smaller quantity. If lots of people can get 10+ orders but not 25+ then we will look at doing some sort of affiliate reward based in the 2 x 10+ starting point.

All bulk discounts are inclusive of Fed Ex shipping. Wherass orders of <10 are shipped by AirMail.

We have no idea of what bookshops are actually selling the books at – they can mark them up to make any margin they want.

FYI - a book distributor buys from a publisher and sells to bookstores and will take about 70% margin – more if you factor in returns. On average they pay about 120+ days after recieving books – taking returns into account. They charge the publisher for returns and the cost of shipping returns. They dont pay for or do any advertising or promotion. In practice they will only activly distribute a book for 3- 6 months on average. – needless to say we are not overly keen on traditional distribution.