Ballistic Media - CGTalk Booth needs volunteers


Hi guys,

OK we’re going to need help at SIGGRAPH for our booth (#1113 Gnomon/Ballistic). We got free CGTalk T-Shirts and books for volunteers - depending on how much time you can contribute, we have the full suite of currently available Ballistic books available for volunteers.

If you’re already going to SIGGRAPH and can volunteer to help out at the Ballistic/Gnomon booth, meet up with the mods, admins, editors, authors, artists, Gnomon instructors, get freebies including books, DVD’s, T-Shirts and swag, please email Lisa Thurston (




just emailed lisa, let me know if she doesnt get the email.


I got it… Still waiting for more replies :slight_smile:

By the way, you’ll love the CGTalk tshirts…


I send it too hope I fet selected for the volunteering post.


what is involved with being a volunteer?

  • what are the duties?
  • how many hours are expected?


That depends on you and what you can volunteer to do. Please email Lisa.



Hi Lisa!
Thankyou for clearing a LOT of my stupid questions I had.
As promised I will be there as per our agreement. Hope to meet you at the booth!


Hi everyone

Thanks to those of you who have put up your hands and promised your time to help us out at SIGGRAPH. I think we are almost covered, except it would be great to have a couple more people commit to volunteer Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

When I finalise the volunteers schedule I’ll post it here on this thread, so you’ll know which other CGtalkers will be there. This will also ensure if you accidentally delete your email, you can still come here to CGTalk to find out when you’re scheduled to be at the Ballistic booth.

I will also be posting some more details of how you’ll be helping us out at the booth too… keep posted.

Really look forward to catching up with you all there…

Lisa :slight_smile:


yay lisa…put us somewhere fun. :slight_smile:


YEA! Close to the siggraph rides and the pixar booth :wink:


I’m in for Tuesday afternoon. The Gnomon booth (1113) is surrounded by good company; ATI, Alias, 3D Labs…

See you all at Siggraph! I leave for LA on Wednesday, doing some touristy things and going to San Diego before the show…


Hey Lisa,

Apologies for my stupid questions too. Look forward to seeing you there at my first visit to siggraph. Interested in hearing what our responsibilities will be…

Drew :bounce:


sent email…


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