Ballistic Media/CGNetworks/CGTalk at SIGGRAPH 2004 - BOOTH INFO


Hey guys,

Just letting you all know that we’re going to be exhibiting at SIGGRAPH this year. We’re sharing booths with Gnomon, booth #1113. This Gnomon/Ballistic booth will have lot’s of stuff happening - presentations, book signings, meet the artist sessions and more. All five of Ballistic book titles will be on sale: EXPOSE’ 2, EXPOSE’ 1, D’artiste: Digital Painting, ELEMENTAL and Machine Phase. Gnomon will have its entire DVD library there. We’ve got artists giving presentations round the clock, as well as book signings.

Be there!

Tuesday (11 Aug) and Wednesday (12 Aug) at 2:30pm, d’artiste master artists Linda Bergkvist and Philip Straub will talk about digital painting and demonstrate their techniques to a live audience. SIGGRAPH attendees can also expect to see spontaneous demonstrations from these Master Artists at work for short periods throughout the expo.

Rock guitarist cum 3D artist and animator, Dean Fowler, will be talking about his visionary Machine Phase: Booby Trap, his new graphic novel.

Each day in the Expo at 10:30 Mark Snoswell, Daniel Wade and myself will give a presentation about the highlights of the three new Ballistic titles EXPOSÉ 2, d’artiste: Digital Painting and ELEMENTAL, and how to get your digital images into print.

The Ballistic booth at SIGGRAPH 2004 is set to be a buzzing hive of creativity where artists, fans, editors and industry greats collide. Make sure that you drop by to be inspired, chat to authors, artists, editors and other CGTalk members!

Pick up pre-ordered books at SIGGRAPH
For those of you who have preordered a Ballistic title being launched at SIGGRAPH 2004, you will be able to pick it up from the Ballistic booth in the expo hall by registering your intention with Ballistic Publishing. Please email for enquiries in this regard. Note: We regret that this excludes limited editions, as these are individually numbered and certificated for authenticity. The limited leather-bound editions will be delivered by post after SIGGRAPH.


Nice! :slight_smile:

I would love to go, but is there anychance CGNetworks & Gnoman come to Australia?




I’m right here sitting in Adelaide mate. Ballistic/CGNetworks/CGTalk is run out of Australia with offices in Adelaide and Melbourne.


Is that the Daniel Wade formerly of Design Graphics?


Indeed it is. :slight_smile:


So your Flying to “LA” for the week?

Is there a SIGGRAPH or anything like it in Melbourne i could attend?

Is there anything CGNetworks has going on in Melbourne?

Because im really tired of nothing happening over here.




It certainly looks like it is going to be a lot of fun! I’ll be helping out at the CGTalk booth on Tuesday afternoon from 2-5/6 if any of you want to come by and chat. I’d love to talk to you.


I might go, it sounds like fun!


It’s probably a little bit “11th hour” right now, but is there any chance of a live webcast or daily updates from the CGTalk booth? I’m up to my eyeballs in work right now, so I can’t make it to SIGGRAPH this year.


Leo, a friend of mine will go to SIGGRAPH, if i give him an ID, could he receive my book?


I’ll be helping out Tues and Thurs in the afternoons as well, I hope to meet a lot of cgtalkers, but this is great I finally get to talkw ith Ed.


I Pre-Ordered and brought dAriste book, but I am wondering why it can’t be signed and then sent out to me? I can’t go to Siggraph, since you are taking the books to the booth can you sign a few that were pre-ordered and then send them out to customers? Would it be a lot of trouble if I gave you my name? I am just wondering because I would really like to get my book signed.Please let me know.


Is there a SIGGRAPH or anything like it in Melbourne i could attend? … Because im really tired of nothing happening over here.
Actually there is stuff going on down under, in particular AEAF (Australian Effects and Animation Festival). There’s also GRAPHITE, and several SIGGRAPH local chapters in Asutralia:

Australian SIGGRAPH local chapters


I’ll be at the booth volunteering on Tuesday and Thursday so come by and say hello. Not that any of you know me, but hey, that can be remedied =)


Any events bit like this taking place in England/UK at all this year or next year that anyone no’s about? Ide love to attent this siggraph but i think i heard someone saying its in LA and i big no no for me travelling all the way out there :eek:

Nerissa i dont really think them signing your book will be fair as if they do it for one person then the everyone else will want to same, it would then cause the argument of u have your book signed and we dont have ourz and its not really fair if you look at it from that view. But it would be extra great to have it signed of course :slight_smile:


I don’t know the answer to this. Can you please email and find out?

No we can’t do this (for the same reason why J.K Rowling can’t personally sign every copy of Harry Potter so that the publisher can send them out to customers). Only people physically at SIGGRAPH with their book will be able to have their book signed, and meet the authors/editors. The rest of the books are being shipped out of our Adelaide facility. We have 2.5 tonnes of books shipped over to Los Angeles for SIGGRAPH, and we can’t have them all signed.

We’ll have daily updates from the show written from me, with my digital camera clicking around…but not a live webcam or anything fancy…




Take lots of pics for those of us who can’t be there :slight_smile:


Any events bit like this taking place in England/UK at all this year or next year that anyone no’s about?

There are even more events going on in Europe: Imagina, Eurographics (more or less SIGGRAPHs equivalent), VES/eDIT, 3DFestival, Animex, to name the most prominent. There was a big one in the UK, LEAF (London Effects and Animation Festival) but ti was cancelled this year and who knows if it’ll return.



Thanks for your reply, I wasn’t implying you sign all the books or that you be like Ms. Rowling (I may have not been clear), I only meant a few for those who Pre-Paid early as a courtesy (but I do understand what you meant about the publisher delay). I guess I was thinking along the lines of the Rustboy books (Mr. Brian Taylor signed 1000 on his own) and Brian Froud also sometimes signs his faerie books at book signings without the customer being present, and the bookseller sends them out after the signing. But it is no big deal, I just thought I would ask. Maybe I can go to Siggraph 2005 next year and get it signed, hopefully. Thanks for the help.


Ill be there! :thumbsup: