Baking, Roi Lidsky (3D)


Title: Baking
Name: Roi Lidsky
Country: Israel
Software: 3ds max, VRay

In this new image i was trying to describe a prosses, a work in progress.
max, vray, final image renderd to 3000*2100.
I hope you enjoied it.


Great stuff you got there, I really like the theme and lighting.



Looks awesome, right in my realm!

Would be awesome to see a nice crackled crust on the loaf- or shiny like landbrot other wise it looks doughy.(i use to be a baker)
Love the depth of field and look of moring light through the window.



My eye keeps getting drawn to the big blob of just risen bread in the lower middle of the image and there doesn’t seem to be much to lead it away from the spot. The modeling and rendering are top notch, I just think you could put a few more design elements into the image to help lead the viewers eye around the different areas.

Simply moving the spoon between the individual ingredients and the dough to lead the view from one to the other and then using the knife to do the same between the dough and the finished product may be enough.


Looks great! :buttrock:


great work i like it this work is very nice detalis & very good real work

good lcuk 4 ever :applause:


Wow amazing piece. Perfect lighting. It gives the picture an awesome mood! Good use of DOF and great shaders / textures!

Great piece!

Cheers Silverwing


Did you use a particle or dynamics system to generate the raised pieces of flour?


Thank for your comments!

grumposaur- thanks, i’m just an amateur in baking, loves the fresh smell :slight_smile:
fuzzylizard- your points are very usefull, thanks.
mgkaplan- the flour piles are simple meshs with few layers of diplacement map on.


Fantastic work, texturing and lighting!

GrtZ, Tim


Congratz Roli !
The shaders are well done.
Nice attention to details with the hairs on the towel, the flour on the table and the water smudges on the glass.


Looks really great! I was wondering if you could go into some detail about the texturing/shading of the cut loaf of bread? I’m planning on doing a similar scene in the near future. Thanks!


Hey Couture, the shading of the bread is quite simple, i needed a displacement map to give depth to the surface, maybe its clearer in the hi res crop.

And a wire


Pass the butter!


This is incredible , i am speechless.


Very nice work…Only thing which is not so good is the composition but everything else is Great. :thumbsup:


great work ! Light, people feel even more mysterious.


Thanks for the info!


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