baking ocean movement to pipe different material


Hello guys, I set a decent mia ocean shader in mental ray and would love to plug it in an ocean fluids simulation. Is that possible to bake the ocean simulation in any way ?

THX a lot


You can convert displacement to poly, but it does not have history, so you would need to do it each frame. I’ve seen people use the convert to poly for blendshape targets. Or perhaps with some mel or python scripting it would be possible also to get a mesh cache out of the displacement to poly.



Another though is to keep the ocean shader as the displacement shader and use your shader as the surface shader. Note that the ocean shader has built in bump shading, so you might need to increase the surface tessellation for it to look acceptable.



plz have check with this link :
frm above link u can dwnld " InteractiveDisplaceement" mel which I found very handy to use & it can convert ur ocean shader to a animated displaced poly plane. Well I prefer this technique for creating water spray & foam on ocean & found this mel little better thn colorAtPoint command which is little time processing stuff & slows when dealing with lot of spray parrticles.
As compared to displaceD plugin I vote this to be better So give a shot with this mel It might solve ur purpose.
Best & thnx to pshipkov for this amazing script!


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