Baking Animation/Exporting in fbx


Hi there,

I have created a skeleton rig with bones (using IK). It uses NURBS cubes with constraints to make it easier to move around and animate.
Now that it is animated, I would like to bake it so the bones become independent of the NURBS controls cube and IK.
I tried with many options under the bake simulation settings window, but nothing seems to work. My bones are always linked to my control cubes, whatever I do.

I want to do this because I want to open my model in 3ds max by exporting it in fbx, but all of my constraints get erased once converted into fbx Maybe there is an easier solution I didnt think about.

Thanks for your help, I hope my question is understandable.



Hi …!
After u bake… see that the joints get the keys… Delete the control curves. Maya 2011 u can export the asset as FBX with changing the constraint option “on”.


theres a post on my blog about this.

You need to make sure you use the BakeAnimation option flag in the fbx


Thank mark-j!!! I added your blog in my favorites :slight_smile:


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