Baked GI export via FBX?


I´m baking GI for some concert hall project and need to export it for use in a GUI.

I chose *.fbx, believing it to bea modern, reliable file format and hoped it could export mapping coordinates.

but after reimport the .fbx, mapping coodinates are f**ed up resulting in a partly black model,

only a few parts have their properly baked textures on.

Re-applying UVW-map modifiers works for some (flat)parts, but most of them rely on a painstaking Unwrap process…

Is there another way to get my baked GI out of 3dsmax? What is actually the leagcy way of exporting baked GI?


It’s not FBX thing.
Stick yours tex. in other map channel, I’m guessing 3.


Thanks for the hint!
They are on channel 2, indeed.
is there a way to change the channel after collapsing everything to an Editable Mesh?


Channel Info - copy 2 - paste to 1
Clear 2
Collapse stack