Bake RealFlow simulation for Team Render?



Does anyone know how to bake the realflow mesher simulation into PLA animation / geometry?
I tried exporting the simulation as Alembic which worked fine and allowed me to scale / move it around in a new scene file. The only problem is that the scene doesn’t render properly via Team render thus the need to find a way to bake the sim in a more Team render friendly manner.

Any hints and tips greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards / Alex


It should render properly via Team Render:

  • Be sure to use absolute file paths in the alembic file rather than relative file paths
  • Be sure to turn OFF “Clients get assets on demand” in the team render settings


I was going bananas trying to crack this problem- especially being under a tight deadline.
Now my slaves are humming away and all renders coming back looking great

LukeLetellier… I salute you Bro !:bowdown:
T H A N K S !


Glad I could help!