Bake Multiple Textures On A Single Object


What I am trying to do is to bake the multiple textures on an object down to only one texture. Im currently using the “Bake Texture” tag on my object but it doesn’t seem to take into account the colors of the two textures. I find this odd because its able to bake the two separate normal’s on the textures.

My Scene:

Using the “Bake Texture” tag results in these maps:

Now, I know I can bake the texture using the “Object Bake” tool, and it will fix the color issue, however it creates the normals from the object space not the tangent space.

Normal map from “Bake Object” tool:


Try enabling the “Use Polygon Selections” option and see if that gives you what you want.



Thanks Scott, that worked! Dont know why that wouldn’t be on as a default.