Bake/Freeze Scale to an Absolute 1?



I understand that when you freeze Position and Rotation, you will have this excess numbers in the Freeze Fields with the Relative Fields being zero.

However, I don’t want it to happen to my scale. Basically, when I have a scale of 10 and freeze it,
I want the freeze and relative fields to equal to 1.

And not having a relative field to 1 and the freeze fields 10.

Basically, I want something like in the picture.


Freez introduces a secondary Matrix for an object that replaces trhe old one and allows it to be set to neutral. There is no way for what you want to happen. The only way the scale values could become 1 is if the SIZE of the object were changed, but that is exacrly what you want to avoid by scaling it.


Hi Srek. Thanks for the confirmation. (i.e. unable to make it to 1)

Appreciate it a lot.


Hi, have you tried going into pivot mode with your polygon model selected, then in the number pad below change the setting from size to scale… type in 1 and apply?


Thanks for the response. I thought it might work but somehow it recalculates either the relative field. (i.e. it is still not an absolute 1.

For now, I have come to terms to it. Hahaha

Thanks for the response!