Bahai Temple, Adam Grania (3D)


Title: Bahai Temple
Name: Adam Grania
Country: Poland
Software: 3ds max

Hello everybody. I want to show You my latest work I worked on in my free time for a long while. This is a Bahai Temple in Chicago


Very beautiful architecture! :beer:


awesome detail. Great work.


crazy detail!


just fantastic! this is one great work… i admire the arhitecture…


Excellent !:applause:


WOW that really great work … a lot of detail :applause:

how many ploy count u have and how much take to render?


Awesome awesome work,I loved it!

I wonder…How do you make that meshes,poly-by-poly,which technique?

Incredible model!

Congratz,keep it posting!! :buttrock::buttrock::buttrock:


Astonishing! I love it.

Like everyone else i am curious about your technique and poly count (which is probably massive but so worth it :slight_smile:


Very inspiring peice of work! I love it, so many details! :smiley:


mate. your model is awesome and the rendering is perfect too


Fantastic work. I’ve been there, and have seen the temple from the exact vantage you rendered. Just beautiful!


Awesome, fantastic, great very very beautifull !!


wow man, :buttrock:it’s a great work with crazy details.


Top notch work! Congratulations, ***** piece.


OMG! Its mind-blowing!
Are you do this details by hand or with help of some plugin or some technic?


Beautiful. Great modeling effort there. Really detailed.


Impressive details!
Fantastic work!
And a supermachine to modeling and rendering!


Man, that defines dedication!!


Wow, beautiful piece. I can tell you put a lot of effort into it. Amazing detail.