Baffi Storto - Armed and Dangerous


Hi to all!

I decided to enter this great challenge and have in mind a character related to the world of boxing, but in a way eccentric. This is the idea so far…

This image represents the concept of the character’s pose. Inspiration is a italian boxer out of your time, dramatically comical!

Update - Final Image:


Good luck to all!


Hi all,

Base mesh of boxing shorts created in Modo. Sculpture in Autodesk Mudbox.


I made a small update in boxing shorts elastic, adding some details.


Starting from the base mesh standard Mudbox and into the first form of the sculpture of the character Baffi Storto.


Retopology in Modo and TopoGun.


Hi guys,

Feel free to make their comments, criticisms or suggestions. Will be most welcome!

Retopology in Modo and TopoGun.


Update pose and sculpture of some details.

Render in XSI.


Update pose and sculpture of some details.

Render in XSI.


i like your stylization… very nice work. i’m looking forward to seeing this progress.


thanks, I’m working hard to do a good job.


Before sculpture in Mudbox

After sculpture in Mudbox

Model in Modo


Before and after!

Boxing glove was modeled low poly in Modo and sculpt in Mudbox.

Any suggestion is very welcome, hope you enjoy!


Hello guys!

After sculpting in Mudbox I exported the low poly mesh for XSI and exported displacement maps with high resolution in 32bit. This is the result of the rendering:

Now I did the painting in Mudbox, and exported textures to XSI. The result is this:


Wow! Great stuff. I love the stylized realism you have going on here with the glove.
It would look great with some weathering in the leather color.


Live your style mate. Maybe you could scale some areas a bit to make them more significant. Otherwise nice update.


Hi Bryan and Alexej! Thanks for the comments and suggestions!

Refinement of sculpture in Mudbox:


Exported to rendering in XSI:

Any suggestions or comments are welcome!


Painting in Mudbox.


Sculpt details, specular map, gloss map, incandescence map, color map in Mudbox, render in XSI.


Final refinament sculpture in Mudbox.