Bad To The Bone, Kosta Atanasov (3D)


Title: Bad To The Bone
Name: Kosta Atanasov
Country: Bulgaria
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

Hey guys! This work is from the beginning of 2006, and I actually wanted to show it when the whole movie is completed, but since I don’t have much time to work on it it seems clear that there’s no sense to wait. This is the main character for my graduation flick at the university, which unfortunately is still in a near initial state (I mean the short movie, not the university or the graduation). I have already graduated, but with another animation – a short pseudo-cutout (I have posted it on my website as well). The work pipeline I used on this is: Low poly modeling and UWV unwrap in 3D studio Max, detail and textures in Zbrush and Photoshop, and mid poly with normal maps import in Max again. It’s rendered in V-ray, as the whole movie would be when completed.

In short, the whole idea of the “Bad To The Bone” movie-to-be is that bikers, aside from looking mean with all the sculls, black leather and spikes are actually nice normal people, that not everything that glitters is gold and vice versa – not everything that is gold, glitters. I’ve decided to name the character Bad for contrast. Here’s some more info about him:

Bad is a true old school biker. A lone wolf, he loves to ride alone – he doesn’t need anyone else. On his scarred face you can rarely see emotion – the one thing that changes his stone expression is the rare squeezing of the eyes, the slow movement of the heavy eyebrows as they drop even lower. He has the hardcore macho aura, and never, ever smiles. His passion for motorcycles, for the smell of gasoline and burning tire can only be compared to the love of leather clothes and sculls, with which he decorates every possible thing – starting from his bike, the belt, the boots, the tattoos, to the rings on his hands – he LOVES sculls. Looking mean, acting tough, inside he is truly a nice guy – but he never allows for others to know that. He is content with the world thinking that he is the “Bad and mean biker”. He doesn’t show that he cares about anything, and doesn’t let anything crack his stone cold attitude. He is the personification of the word Badass – if there is a “Badass Biker Association”, than Bad is its president.

For some additional concept and stills from the movie, as well as more detailed description check the thread at my website here:

For a somewhat low quality presentation of the model with some stills and concept from the movie check it out at youtube here:

Thanx for viewing my work guys, I’d really like to know what do you think


Nice design, nice work, nice color.:scream:


I really really like it, great work.
too bad there’s no environment.


Nica job man!

I like your model and the details on the models.

Your rander is quite realistic. For that reason; your model looks like a toy reather than a CG animation character. Maybe you should render this scene a little bit less realistic and add some environment . ( as it was mentioned before )

Greate character and texturing … Well done!

Best Regards;



thanx guys!:slight_smile: Ozioz, actually the toy look is exactly what I was going for, the whole world will be created and rendered in that manner so it looks toy-ish. Or so I hope, this has yet to be achieved:D


I like this character! Very funny!
Awesome texture work and modeling!!


My duaghter and I really like it. Great modeling and texture. If I had to point one thing out it would be the depth of field is too strong. Really, really good job.


its so nice…:thumbsup:


very cool character! hum…:thumbsup:


Great model & render. I very much like the toy’ish look on this. One very small thing I noticed though ( minute in fact ); his eyebrows are on top of his bandana?


Excellent work! I love that toy-like style. :thumbsup:


Just ugly :slight_smile: - 5 stars!


Awesome:) ,why isn`t at the front page ?


Fabulous work. I really like the style. 5*


Yo ma maaan! :thumbsup: That is simply great my friend but you should know that! I have told you this many times before but I’ll never get tired to repeat it over and over again! Awesome piece!



haha, youre character mad eme lough at first sight. Its awesome. Might be some kind of stereotype, but he kinda looks like the old dude at “Orange County Chopper”, anyway… Im digging it. :slight_smile:


Bravo! I love everything about this project. The character is “perfect” even without the detailed char. dev. paragraphs, I got all that from the visuals. The exaggerated scale of the bike details to enhance the miniature look is great. Even more impresive is the careful work you put into the developing all aspects of the project. The sketches you have on the project site are every bit as cool as the 3D work. I’m really looking forward to seeing this progress.

Can we get a bigger render p l e a s e?


thanx guys! you’re very kind, I’m really happy that you’ve liked the stuff. here’s the big image:)



I really, really love this. Excellent miniature style, and after watching the youtube vid, i love the way you did his hair.
A fantastic character.

I seriously dont know why this isnt frontpage. After seeing that latest render, i had to squint to believe it was CG. Some bits of it, like the engine block of his bike look like a model. What renderer did you use?

5 Big fat yellow pointy uns’ from me :thumbsup:


thanx Andy!:smiley: The renderer is V-ray, It was actually rendered at V-ray headquarters, so to say, 'cause my machine was really stalling. Actually, the engine block of the bike, plus all other details of the bike itself were textured using projection from the camera, since I had no time to unwrap, plus I had the rigging of Bad is really bad and for this render only. If you look closely you can see the artefacts and stretching at the inner part of the leg:) thanx once again!