Backs of Buildings.


Hi There!
Just a small project to beef up my portfolio a little. A back alley behind some shops. This was based on some photos i took when i was in Lemmington Spa.

The model was done in Max and I set myself a target of under 3000 tris (2926 so far). No texture is bigger than 128x128 (bar 2 which are 256x256). The project took around 20 hours.

I’m not entirely sure its complete yet, something seems missing on the ground and on the roof.

Comments, Crits and Suggestions are more than welcome!

Thanks for looking!


That’s starting to look really good. For the roof top you could add satellite dish, or some exhaust vents, TV antennas. Just some ideas.


A satalite seems to “ritzy” for a run down place like that. :slight_smile:

VERY nice work though! You have pretty much PS2/XBOX limitations, with (Almost) next gen results. I say almost because there doesn’t appear to be any shaders (normal/spec, etc.) on it. But those are some impressive results with what you are working with. About how many individual textures did you use in this case then?

As for the ground, try adding some more litter, some weeds growing out where the building meets the ground, maybe some cracks on the ground (with even weeds growing out of that). Make it feel like no one really ever goes back there anymore.



You could add dumpsters, garbage bags etc too. One thing that stands out to me is that your grime running downwards on the ventilation thing and where the roof meets the wall looks very painted. You could try to spice them up a bit so they look a bit sharper. You could also add more dirt using decals to the edges of the building and in dirt in general (not sure if you’re using decals or not). One last thing I’d ask is that you post a screenshot or two in addition to your renders since the skylight can be a bit misleading :slight_smile:


This looks great, you’ve got a lot of nice details captured and the colours seem spot on.

I have to agree with Urgaffel that the water damage on the ventilation shaft and up on the top right of the building is very blotchy and painted compared to the rest of the textures.

For extra stuff out the back… some bins, a stray trolley, bags of rubbish, tv aerial on the roof?

Oh aye, and kudos for the clerks avatar :wink:


Thanks very much for the comments guys! They’ve proven most helpful.

Flewda - I’ve used around 15 tiled textures and around 30 individual textures. Thanks for the cracks and weeds suggestion, see attached. Though it has compelled me to redo the stairs and under the fire escape!

simps - Arials and vents on their way, Thanks!

urgaffel & ArchangelTalon - I think i’ll cut the grime down on the ventalation duct, cheers for pointing it out! and thanks for the ideas. Screenshot also attched for you urgaffel.:slight_smile:

I’ll try and get more updates on later tonight.


Looks like the photos you used for your windows have a blue color cast, might be worth correcting to make them blend in more, keep it up :slight_smile:


very nice model and textures. i agree with the windows and maybe even add some polys or bump to the windows because they look flat next to everything else.

i love the textures of the metal pipes and air vents things, really nice.


Quick update, Added some frontage to the roof to give it a back, some arials and a enterance hatch. Whilst typing this I don’t think dirt looks right so i’ll go back to that now.:sad: Re-done the ground and stairs textures and added more rubbish and weeds in places.
Thanks for the comments, I’m not sure if i’ll bulk out the windows as the aim of the project is to keep it current gen and i’ve already gone over my 3000 tri target. (3272) well, we’ll see…

requiem2d - sorry, what do you mean by ‘blue color cast’? and do you mean all the windows?

More soon. Thanks for looking!


I think he means the windows have a blue tint all over it.

Good job on the model and textures!


Normalmaps would add a lot to this I think and they wouldn’t take too long to make with the nividia filter and some black and white versions of your textures (and some editing of course, just desaturating won’t be enough :))


A color cast is an effect which occurs by taking pictures. If you take pictures in orders you’ll usually have a warmer cast (artifical light) and outside a cooler cast (overcast/blue sky) which can be corrected by taking a value which is suppose to be white (in thie case the “white” window frame is blue) and changing it to real white by adjusting the curves through PS. This will adjust everything else. Good luck :slight_smile:


fantastic! i really like this piece, texturing looks good.
don’t worry about going over the 3000 because ‘current gen’ is now ‘next gen’ cause all three consoles are out :confused:


Nice job. Could you please post some textures… ? Thanks in advance


Another update, Thank you everyone again for your comments, they’ve pushed the project in a much better direction!:slight_smile:

requiem2d - Adjusted the windows to get rid of the blue, (I think, colour casting is new to me!) Thank you for the help!

urgaffel - Normal maps are currently being applied, to most textures, and they are adding alot to the project, thanks!

Brasil - Textures in the next post, promise! :smiley:

Just a quick image showing some of the normal maps, its WIP but comments are welcome, I’m relatively new to normal maps…

More by the end of the week. Thanks again for looking!


That’s pretty sick man, awesome job!!


Just rendering with skylight won’t show any normalmaps. You have to put a “sun” (main spotlight) in there. Or you can try showing the directx material in max viewports by checking the “DX Display of Standard Material” checkbox in the DirectX Manager rollout in the material editor.


Quick update today. as I’m playing around with lighting at the mo. and its kinda learn as you go.

urgaffel - Thanks for the lighting tips, I’ve added an IES sunlight and after playing around with it, the results are starting to look better (see attached)

Brasil - posted a few textures for you, these are their actual sizes, 128x128, 256x256 etc…

Work so far, its still looking a bit too bright, but at least you can see the normal maps now! With the better lighting, I feel obligated to add some spec maps, spend a few more polys on the windows and add some reflection maps to them.

The way the projects shifted I might as well whack it up to a full 11. :smiley:

Comments and suggestions are always welcome, particularly on lighting as I know very little.

Thanks for looking.


nice, looking better every time, one window still has the blue cast (upper one in last post), or is that a curtain behind it? Another thing you could try to increase the realism is using specular shaders, combined with specular maps. This works well for metal materials because they’re usually quite shiny, it also brings out the details in normal maps further.


oohhh!! nice-- I like it:thumbsup: