Backing up my dvd's?


hello all, i have an upcoming family reunion this labor day, and one of the things i’m trying to do is put together a whole slew of dvd’s for realitives of my family. i have made all of the dvd’s so far, a single of each. my plan was to copy them all using a dvd copying software. i bought a copy of DVD X-Copy, not only to do this project, but also to make backups of my dvd’s at home so my kids dont ruin them.

the software worked for a while (i did not burn all the dvd’s in one sitting), then just errored at the very end. i got maybe 5 dvd’s copied completely with no errors, then after that, every one i tried errored. has anyone incountered this problem? or have any insight for me? i have tried troubleshooting: i’ve uninstalled, and reinstalled the software… and even tried contacting the software company (they no longer support the software apparently).

any help you guys have on this problem would be most appreciated. and if nobody has any ideas on this software, can anyone recommend any other dvd movie copying software?

thanks everyone :thumbsup:


Yeah, 321 Software is another victim of the mpaa. What kind of error are you getting, exactly? A copy error or a burn error?


Is your screen saver turned off, or anything else which may interfer with un-attended operations?


ok, here’s what the error message says. it looks like its some kind of a write error…

write operation was not successful
A write emergency occured: unexpected disturbance during write
please check if the medium is clean and the recorder is positioned on a stable surface
driver error code = 02030C00h
the disc is not successfuly recorded

that’s from the window that pops up… since we’ve tried messing with the software itself, does this sound like it could possibly be the burner itself?

and no, all of the screen savers or other interruptions are turned off.

thanks for the help guys!!


DVD Shrink is supposed to be an excellent free DVD backup app…


yeah, it sounds like your burner is on its last legs


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