Background Object per view window?


I have a scene where I’ve got 2 perspective views.

Is there a way to have multiple Background Objects in a scene and “assign” the different objects to different perspective view windows?


Not that I know of. The background object is part of the render ecosystem, not of the viewport settings (other than the “back” picture that is not available for perspective viewports anyway), therefore it is the same wherever you wish to render.

You could probably use several render settings and then script something that switches between various background objects depending on the render settings. But that would require you to select the render settings instead of the background object before rendering…

Probably easier: Use scripts to switch the background objects and then start the render, and assign keyboard shortcuts to these, so you’d have a “render view with background x” on R~X and “render view with background y” on R~Y. Depends on what you actually want to achieve.


You can assign individual background images, not materials, for all views. Select the view you want to change and switch the AM to View Settings mode. You will find a Back section where you can link an image file. This works for all non perspective views.
If you need different backgrounds for different views maybe switch the image with the camera. Maybe the stage object or takes can do this in a way that is comfortable for you.