Background and Collage Drawing with the Help of Seamless Textures in 2d Editors


Here I wrote a very small tut and hope it can help many users.

Many artists are forced to spend a lot of time to depict backgrounds. But often, it is quite enough to use ready fragments of images. I suggest, of course not always, to use seamless textures. There is one disadvantage of this method - it is necessary to use high-quality textures. I would like to note, that acquisition of such textures is not a problem now. I can recommend website as a resource of seamless textures 1024x1024 px, where you can download these textures directly from the web.

Painting by textures needs the following steps to be done:

  1. In any editor (for example, Gimp or Photoshop) choose a “Stamp” tool and choose its options: “Brush” (its settings: size, blur and so on) and define source as “Pattern source”.
  2. Create several transparent layers. In every layer paint some fragments of any texture (in our example four seamless textures from the website were used).
  3. Using color and filter tools, process every layer of your image. You can use everything that consider appropriate.
  4. If your created image needs further printing, it is necessary to change image sizes into linear (cm, m, mm, inch and so on). The next step is to increase ppi value to 300. If your linear image sizes became smaller, then restore them. These actions are necessary for correct printer’s work and they won’t worsen your image’s quality.


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