backface culling per object


i mostly model. not too big of a mel person,
ive looked at many toggle tool sets and scripts, but ive not found a back face culling tollge.
anyone can help?

a poor attempt…
this seem to turn it on, but does not act as a toggle.

if (getPanel -to (eval("getPanel -withFocus"))){
$currentPanel = getPanel -withFocus;
if (modelEditor -q -polymeshes $currentPanel){
polysDisplayUpdateCulling $currentPanel;
else {
modelEditor -edit -polymeshes polysDisplayUpdateCulling 0 $currentPanel;
also is this possible to have a similar drawing in the viewport as XSI hidden line mode?
here are the pics below to show what i mean.


For the first question.
I’m currently using this script.:slight_smile:
This isn’t my script,but somebody in Japan made this.
I think this will solve your first ploblem.

global proc tglCulling()
if(window -q -ex tcwin)
if(intField -q -v if1 == 0){ polyOptions -fb -bcv on; intField -e -v 1 if1; }
else{ polyOptions -bc -bcv off; intField -e -v 0 if1; }
window -ret -vis off tcwin; columnLayout; intField -v 0 if1;

I hope this helps.


it works Perfectly.
thank you ver very much.

i wish there was smething like XSI drawing overrides in the view ports. but this script will work well for now.


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