backburner submit as single frame render


Good afternoon everyone!

quick question regarding backburner.

i have managed to write a simple script that submits the current scene to backburner (part of batch submission).

all is fine but one thing.

even though the scene render setting is at single frame render, it will always submit at scene “animation range” say 0-100.

to get around this, i wrote a script that reads the scene setting, and if the scene setting is single frame render, the backburner submission script will submit from current fame to current frame, basically single frame.

the annoying thing is! that the file name will have the 0000 suffix on them as if it is recognized as part of a frame.

basically question is, does anyone know how to submit to backburner using maxscirpt as a single frame render? or how to get rid of the 0000 suffix on the end of the output filename?

thank you so much in advance for any help : )


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