backburner command-line


I want to render active Time Range! without opening max file,but seems frames:all don’t work!
I can’t override framerange!

“C:/Program Files/Autodesk/3ds Max 2012/3dsmaxcmd” -frames:“all” -outputName:“C:/Test/AviFile.avi” “C:/Test/MaxFile.max”


Actually, if some params isn’t sended to 3dsmaxcmd, it read what is saved in max file. Just save time range, resolution and output files in 3dsmax and run:
“C:/Program Files/Autodesk/3ds Max 2012/3dsmaxcmd” “C:/Test/MaxFile.max”


My problem is I don’t want to load max files, Because they have some big textures,by using preset or Frames:(startframe-endframe) option ,I can overwrite start and End frame , but how i can read it from file to overwrite? why backburner has an unused option(frame:“all”)?


To read actual value from max file, you will need preRenderScript.
But if you want to render just active time range, try without quotes on <all>:



umm,PreRender is a good idea,I will try…

don’t works! for me:(


Some parameters don’t support the : in my experience. Have you tried -frames all or -frames “all”, or -frames=all or -frames=“all”?



All of them…,dont works!.i build option text file, All parameters work but frames=all.


works great for me


did works -frames=all ?


yes, it worked great for me.


What’s your 3dsmax version?
It would be great if you show me the cmd code.


2012 design

"c:\program files\autodesk\3ds max design 2012\3dsmaxcmd" -submit:theIPaddressOfServer -jobName="theJobName" -o="\\ServerName\ShareName\ImageName_.png" -cam="CameraName" -w=ImageWidth -h=ImageHeight -frames=theFirstFrametoRender-theLastFrametoRender "\\ServerName\ShareName	heMaxFile.max"

save as .bat > execute


As I mention before, I want to render ActiveTimeRange!

How you get “theFirstFrametoRender” or “theFirstFrametoRender” without opening the max file?


Is the best I got dude. good luck


I just re-read this, when you run the batch you never open the file. I am having a hard time understanding what you want.

Paste the string in a text file, save as .bat, fill in your own values, save, double click the bat file, it renders to backburner.


I think problem is from 3dsmax file properties, there is an wrong Animation Start and Animation End properties! , backburner gets properties from can test this code:

-- Perform a scene hold to update the Contents set.

max hold


-- Get all properties

pages = #(#summary, #contents, #custom)

for pg in pages do


format "--- % ---
" (pg as string)

for i=1 to (fileProperties.getNumProperties pg) do


local pname = (fileProperties.getPropertyName pg i)

local pval = (fileProperties.getPropertyValue pg i)

format "	% : " pname

if (pname == "Headers") then


format "

for hdr in pval do


format "		%
" hdr

local docs = fileProperties.getItems hdr

if docs != undefined then

for d in docs do format "			%
" d



else format " %
" pval




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