Back In Memory, Esam Darweesh (3D)


Title: Back In Memory
Name: Esam Darweesh
Country: Jordan
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

Hi all , here is my last work .
back in memory , when it was peace , no war … no fear … future not as now .

hope you like it , amd waiting for your comments


Amazingly realistic!


nice work i like your words :smiley:


This is pretty nice. I think that the scale of your s-tiles is a little too small though. Also, it would be a lot nicer if you had something interesting happening with the shadows. Right now the most pronounced shadow is under the hand cart in the background. If you had some shadows cast across the foreground or running down some of the buildings it would add depth to the scene. Right now it just looks pretty flat.


good work.

Sajid Saim.


Wow great work there. I like the textures and the
good lighting. Looks very realistic. Thumbs up!


looking real good,mister! lighting and textures looks great.
one thing that caught my eye tho: the corners of the buildings are very square (except for one.) since the rest of the walls looks pretty worn, I’d add some more bumps n bulks on the corners…


i think that the wires are too thick but… great textures… :thumbsup:


I agree with that. I also think that there is something really flat about the house at the back. It doesn’t look all that 3d. Maybe with some contrast/shadows it would be ok.

Lovely texturing though.


it is very good work Without any mis in this work .5 stars from me:applause:


I like it very much! great texture work… maybe a more dramatic light setup could improve the scene, great work, 4*


very nice detail — grateexturing and lighting :wink: 4*


[left]very nice work … :applause: 5*


thank you very much for these replies , thanks alot


Excellent work
[color=black] Keep it up! [/color]


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